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Crafted from a design principal that believes the most elegant system provides exactly what your district requires and nothing more. 


SchoolsOPEN solutions are simple to learn and a breeze on your pocketbook. 


A scalable architecture that embraces simplicity while adhering to the rules of fund accounting as well as State and Federal requirements.

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School Finance Without Compromise

Operating a school system in today’s environment involves far more than simply teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic. The administrative requirements of a school system are immense and can either enhance or drain available resources. Improving administrative processes in the most efficient manner should be a top priority for all schools.

SchoolsOPEN appreciates and understands the challenges facing school districts today. We have the technologies available to improve overall efficiency in many different administrative areas.  

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Monitored 24x7
Continuous streaming backup
Archived nightly
Active allow, block, and throttle

Easy and Simple to Use

Add a user and they're up and running in minutes, productive  in hours, self sufficient in days.


Amazing Dashboards

SchoolsOPEN offers a variety of widgets to make your desktop as unique as you are.

Unlimited Choices

SchoolsOPEN gives you the freedom to tailor your system as you like.

School Payroll Proven Reliable

Your employees are your single most valuable resource. Ensuring that your payroll is timely, accurate, and efficient depends first on your choice in solution providers.


SchoolsOPEN WebHR is a complete Payroll, Personnel, and Attendance management solution.


Integration of all your employee information under one roof means that sharing with the right people at the right time is done in a reliable and consistent fashion.


From encrypted channels to fine grained access, SchoolsOPEN helps you keep your records safe from prying eyes.


Our Mission

SchoolsOPEN is a catalyst for school districts to break from the status quo and reclaim their operational independence.

Our Promise

We deliver thoughtful and well designed products that do exactly what you need.

Our Core

At SchoolsOPEN, we strive to produce imaginitive and usable solutions to everyday problems.


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