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Thanks for taking a few minutes to register for access to the SchoolsOPEN Online Client Services pages. This service is available free of charge to all SchoolsOPEN clients. We hope you will find it valuable!

Access to your information (open calls and such) is considered confidential. This is why we need you to register (as opposed to allowing anyone to look this data over). Only people registered to your district will be allowed access to your district's data (other districts will not be able to access it, even though they may have access to the Online Client Services).

If you'd prefer, you may also register by e-mailing your request to us at, calling us at (877) 483-1944 or faxing us at (734) 661-0819

If you've forgotten your login password and you have registered before, you do not need to register again. You can click here and use our self service password reset page. You will need the exact email address you used when you registered with us in order to reset your password. The reset is virtually instantaneous!.

SchoolsOPEN authenticates all registration requests by contacting your district's designated representative (often, your business manager).

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